Retailers face enormous challenges on many fronts from domestic, international, and online competitors. Most large retailers have moved large portions of their business to the Internet, which requires focus and crisp IT management. Retailers require an e-business platform that is open, flexible, and quick-to-deploy in order to seamlessly integrate existing applications as hundreds and sometimes thousands of content contributors are involved. In retail, traditionally thin margins mean every penny counts. And today, with new competition from nontraditional retailers, profits depend on increasing revenue as well as cutting costs. Retailers employ network and Internet technology to get to the heart of profitability---inventory management that reduces costs and increases.

Retailers strive to understand their most important customers, meet expectations of capital markets, and differentiate against competition outside your traditional retail segment -- all while maintaining profitable growth. Retailers need to ensure evolving systems integrate to produce innovative, consumer-centric business models.

Many top retailers choose Bharath Solutions for mission-critical design, deployment, and implementation of their day-to-day IT business processes in such areas as merchandise management, category management, promotions, customer profitability and out-of-stock minimization. The applications we design for clients help retailers manage customer experiences, interactions, and data. These applications provide a comprehensive solution for creating consistent customer experiences across channels. The systems we develop are based around a core set of intelligent engines including business intelligence, content management, and data management that can be leveraged across all applications and channels.